How to compare current issue status with a particular status

¡Hello! Thanks to the community I figured out how to calculate time between certain statuses, but I’d like to embed that calculation inside a condition that filters out issues that are currently not positioned in a particular status (possibly hardcoded by me).
Please I’d like to know how can I compare the current status of an issue with a particular status given by me so I can loop though the imported data and make my calculation based on a new bounded sample.

Hi @carlosbch,
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If you wish to filter certain issues, then you should combine the function Filter() and DescendantsSet() to filter a set of issues you are interested in.
Here is an example of summing those values; you can replace Sum() with Avg() in case you are interested in average:

--use sum or avg function
    DescendantsSet([Issue].CurrentMember, [Issue].[Issue]),
    -- filter out issues that are not in done status
    [Measures].[Issue status] <> "Done"
  -- your formula here

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