How to convert specfic JQL for report

I have a very specific JQL i’m trying to mimic a JQL filter for Eazybi for Jira.
Here’s a redacted version of the JQL. i have tried to review a few things, but not getting anywhere.

project="%PROJECT%" AND
type = “Problem”
(status != Closed or (resolved > startOfWeek(-6d) AND resolved < startOfWeek(1d) and status = closed)) AND
( labels not in ("%SOMELABEL%") or labels is empty)
AND Products not in ("%XXYY%")

the start of week is currently used as well pull the report on a Monday for last week’s tickets. If there’s a different way to accomplish that in eazbi, that’s fine!

Hi @mtterry
If you need to see only this information in your eazyBI account, then one of the options would be to use JQL in the import options:

But if you want to create a report that would mimic the JQL, then I would suggest checking this presentation by Zane on “Filter Data: How to Translate JQL to eazyBI”.
It will show how to translate part of your JQL to eazyBI and what principles to follow.

Gerda //