How to count Issues by Priority

I want to make a few simple measures that count Issues of a specific type (Incident), and given Priority.

I have tried numerous things, but being very new to eazyBI I am struggling. I tried to construct a simple tuple like this;

[Measures].[Issue created],
[Issue Type].[Incident],

Where ‘P3’ is the recorded priority. I would want to create similar Measures for Priorities like ‘P1’ and ‘P2’ as well.

The above Measure returns blank, so I am missing a trick. Any help, guidance or advice would be appreciated.

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The construction for a tuple is correct, but the name for measure “Issues created” is not accurate (it missing one letter).
In calculations, you should use precise names for measures and dimension members.

When defining a formula for a calculated member, you may always get precise measure name if you select a measure from the list of the right side.

If you are going to use dimension Priority in your report as column or row, you may use function CurrentMember in your tuple instead of particular priority:

​([Measures].[Issues created],
[Issue Type].[Incident])

Kind regards,
Zane Baranovska /

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Thank you for your response, and correcting my word blindness. It works just fine now. Very much appreciated.