How to Count or Aggregate Numerous Custom Fields

Hi All,

Experimenting with EazyBI, I’m attempting to consolidate (what I believe to be easy) numerous custom field values into the one count field. Basically a consolidation of 16 fields in; Positive, Negative, and Neutral.

[Steps to Reproduce].[Positive],
[Expected Result and Actual Results].[Positive],
[Local .DLL Files].[Positive],
[Bin and/or NpSharpBin].[Positive],
[Offers/Promotion Data].[Positive],
[Screen Shots and Videos].[Positive],
[Start and End Times].[Positive],
[Image Repository].[Positive],
[Desktop Load].[Positive],
[NP6 Build Version].[Positive],
[RCT Template].[Positive],
[Design and Guidelines].[Positive],
[Design and Requirements (Gap Analysis)].[Positive]

But I encounter

Can you please help?

Thanks in advance