How to count the number of field value changes?


I have Jira Server and eazyBI.
In Jira there is a custom field that can take on different values. Any jira user can change value. I want to calculate the number of changes in this field over a period, and also to find out who changed the value of the field.

As a result, I want to have something like a table.

User - Number of changes
User 2 - Number of changes
User 3 - Number of changes

I have no idea :roll_eyes:
Thank you!

First you will have to enable the change history for the custom field you want to report on:

In the tab “Source Data/Custom fields” check if you can tick the checkbox “Import value changes”.
If no checkbox is available next to your custom field you will have to use Advanced Settings:

You could then use the [Time] dimension to inspect the value at different points in time and try to go from there.

I’m very grateful for your help.

Hi @Andrey,

Importing value change history for a custom field will give you information on when the values changed. Retrieving the user who made the changes is more challenging.

You can have a look at this eazyBI community post for importing issue activity - Count User interaction with Issue. That is a more generic approach to importing all activities. Still, you can try to alter the JavaScript code to only look at the changes made to the specific custom field.

The eazyBI documentation page has more information on JavaScript calculated custom fields -

Roberts //