How to count the number of sprints per project in a certain period?


I have the following scenario:
Pages: Time (I choose Quarters, in this case)


  • Project
  • Sprint

I would like to count the number of sprints per project (closed and active) and be able to drill down and check which ones have a defined goal.
The problem is I can’t properly count them, unless I use some measure involving Transition Field or Status …so, I am not getting it.

I’ve tried a lot of solutions but I get all the sprints listed evertyime.

Any thoughts on this?
Thank you in advance


Sprint and Project are independent dimensions in the data model of eazyBI. That is why you will need to use some measure to relate the different members. Perhaps, the simplest way is to check if the project and sprint have common issues currently (measure “Issues created”) is with a formula like this:

  [Measures].[Issues created]>0 and
  [Sprint].CurrenthierarchyMember.Name<>"(no sprint)" and
  [Measures].[Sprint closed?]="No"

This calculation will give the count of active sprints for the project. You can add to the report rows the Sprint dimension to see the list of Sprints. Adjust the measure with the “[Measures].[Sprint closed?]=‘Yes’” for closed sprint count. You can also use the “Issues history” measure instead of the “Issues created” if you need to relate the projects with sprint also considering the historical data.

Janis, eazyBI support