How to create a custom field on import based on Reporter Group and a Label?

I have been searching the community pages, but have been unable to find an example to help me. I’d appreciate any guidance.

I’d like to create a custom field (Source) during import from Jira that depends on two different fields.

Source = “QA” if

  1. Reporter Group (reporter in reporter group: qa)
  2. Label (label in (caught-by-qa))

else Source = “Support” if

  1. Reporter Group (reporter is in reporter group: support)

else Source = “Other”

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I figured out a way to create a measure that depends on two different fields. I created a measure for each field, then aggregated them.




My challenge now is how to get this aggregate to just show the unique set of issues since the two groups overlap.

Hi @Kristine

For your use case I recommend creating a new custom field “Source” by writing a JavaScript code. Here is a community post which is very similar to your requirements - Combine Calculate measure and Calculate member in report columns - #5 by michailgoruynov.

​The JavaScript code for your scenario might look as follows, where you replace MMMMM with your custom code ID for the Reporter Group. Once you have updated the eazyBI advanced settings with this code, import the custom field “Source” as a dimension and property.

name = "Source"
data_type = "string"
dimension = true
javascript_code = '''
// Set Source to QA
if (issue.fields.labels == "caught-by-qa" || issue.fields.customfield_MMMMM && issue.fields.customfield_MMMMM.value === "qa") {
    issue.fields.customfield_source = "QA";}
// Set Group to Support
   if (issue.fields.customfield_MMMMM && issue.fields.customfield_MMMMM.value === "Support") {
    issue.fields.customfield_source = "Support"} 
​ else {issue.fields.customfield_source = "Other"}


​Best wishes,
​Elita from

@Elita.Kalane , thank you for your response.

I am trying to use the Reporter Group information to set my custom field. Is this possible?

I have found I can create an aggregate measure with Reporter Group, but it does not provide a distinct count of issues.

Can I use Reporter Group in a calculated field dimension?


Hi @Kristine

My apologies for delayed response. I noticed you had already created another community post for the reporter group. I wanted to follow up with you and check if you managed to get to the results you were looking for?

Best wishes,

Elita from