How to create a new member formula from JQL statement

Hi I need to create a memeber formula to display in a report based in this JQL.

project = Tech AND status in (“in progress”) AND “Time to resolution” <= remaining(4h) AND “time to resolución” > remaining(0m)

I need to display the issues that have 4h or less to be resolved.

best regards.

Unfortunately, there are limitations in eazyBI for implementing straightforwardly the JQL filter containing the “Time to resolution” <= remaining(4h)” expression. There is a standard property in eazyBI “Issue Time to resolution Due date” holding the date when the issue has the due date for the SLA. You can create a calculated measure counting the remaining hours till the due date by the formula like this:

  [Measures].[Issue Time to resolution Due date]

The problem with this calculation is that eazyBI cannot see the calendar configuration of the SLA. This formula should be working fine only if you have “24x7” calendar configuration. If that is your case, you can add the Project and status dimensions to the report pages and create the filter on report rows by this measure.

Janis, eazyBI support