How to create a new report using eazyBI

I am new to eazyBi, need to know how can I create a report per resource (issue type or user) for the year of 2015,

incidents per module

Resource System Module

Number Of Closed Incidents

Number Of Carried Forward Incidents

SLA Compliance Response

The report is to be created In dashboard “Dashboard x” and Project “Vacations Project”

Thanks in advance

You may use dimensions as pages and filter data by those dimension members.

For example, to get created and resolved issues in the particular year by issue type and assignee for a particular project you may create a report like this.

  1. Select measures Issues created and Issues resolved and set them as columns.
  2. Set Issue Type dimension and Assignee dimension as rows.
  3. Set Time dimension as pages to filter data by year, quarter or month.
  4. Set Project dimension as pages to filter data by a particular project or a project component.

I recommend you to check out Getting Started documentation to get basic concepts how to build reports and available precalculated measures in eazyBI:

If you are using Jira Service Desk, check out available measures for SLA tracking (

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