How to create a report that tracks transitions of issues, between Projects. If an issue moves from "project A" to "project B"?

Hi, I have a use case where I have two separate projects in Jira. “Project A”. and “Project B”.

Users create issues in “Project A”, but move them into “Project B” or the vice versa. What would be a way to track the transitions of issues, (possibly given a Date Range or a Month or weekly breakdown) of all issues that transition between projects? When transitioning between a project, the Issue Key changes, but the name/description fields do not.

Thank you

Hi @Greg_Chapman ,

Unfortunately, eazyBI can’t track issues moved across Projects out of the box. Your best bet is some scripted fields that can hold the desired metrics - the previous Project key and the date the issue was moved to the new Project. You can have a look at our documentation page for some similar examples - Jira calculated and scripted custom fields.

Roberts //