How to create a "time" page filter on a custom measure


I have a custom measure named “Transition Date to Delivered”, which represent when a ticket development is completed.

I wish to have a “page filter” like the “Time” one, I mean I which a combo box to filter on that measure.

Is it possible to have such “time page filter” on something else than the creation date?


Hi @cdemez,

In eazyBI is only one Time dimension that you can use to filter data by date.

The main idea is to select the date filed “Transition Date to Delivered” for data import as measure and as property. Then during data import, eazyBI will create several measures that would work well with the Time dimension (see documentation: Measures with custom date fields ).
You can use measure “Issues with Transition Date to Delivered” for your report to see how many issues have the date in the selected “Time” period.

Please see the documentation explaining this concept in more detail: Time dimension.

Zane /