How to create additional dimensions

I am quite new to EazyBI so maybe my question would sound silly… anyway I need to move forward so I am trying to ask experts because I haven’t found any solution yet.

We have imported Jira issue data from jira server together with Tempo data. I am creating reports of logged work. I can handle exising dimensions of logged work but I fail to import custom dimensions.

In detail,
I need to create report which would aggregate logged work into custom user categories (eg. Internal user, External user) based on the relation of user and the userCategory.The relation is: each user who logged work belogs to one userCategory.
Another Dimension is Domain (Core Team, Feature Team)

Then I want to create report of logged work such as:
Report 1
UserCategory | Hous_spent
Internal | 200 hrs
External | 300 hrs

Report 2
Domain | Hous_spent
Core Team | 150 hrs
Feature Team | 350 hrs

I would import CSV such as:
User_ID; UserCategory;Domain
user_1; Internal;Core Team
user_2; Internal;Feature Team
user_3; External;Core Team
user_4; External;Feature Team

But I don’t know how to prepare such reports.

May I ask you for advice?
Thank you very much,

PS: we are running Jira Server 7.2, EazyBI 4.7.3


There is a limitation in eazyBI not allowing to create new dimensions in the standard Jira Issues data model (cube). The additional data can be imported as new properties to the existing dimensions:

In your case the data mapping could look like this:


Janis, eazyBI support