How to create an Epic Progress report (% completion) on a given status

I have 30 Epics in my project. Under each epic there are multiple stories. I want a report that shows Epic list on X axis and % completion on Y axis. This to get a high level view on Over all completion of the Epics.

Any idea will be much much appreciated.

Hi @pahari2k99

Make sure you imported “Epic link” field from the import options page.
Then select “epic” level from the “Issue” dimension in report rows.
And create a new calculated measure to divide Issues resolved by Issues created to calculate the completion %. Select the % percentage format for this measure.

[Measures].[Issues resolved]/
[Measures].[Issues created]

That would divide all resolved (with resolutions) issues for the epic (including epic itself) by all created issues for the epic (including epic itself)

Martins / eazyBI