How to create an "OR" " filter/aggregate function


I am trying to aggregate all bugs that fall into the following category"

High priority (Blocker,Critical.Major) OR regressions= yes (whose priority might be Minor or Medium).

I mark bugs as regressions by choosing “Yes” from a custom filed dropdown- Yes/No
This is what im trying to do essentially (but am getting this error: "_Formula is not valid: _
No function matches signature 'filter()’ :
([Is this a regression? Yes / No].[Yes])

Right now, this property gives me a double count of issues that meet both criteria:

[Priority].[HP]+[Is this a regression? Yes / No].[Yes]

Whats the best way to achieve this?

Thank you


The problem with your formula is that Filter function should have a set and a condition as parameters. The solution is to create the filtering by the issue properties. Issue type and Priority are default properties in eazyBI, you need to make sure you have imported the Regression custom field as a property.

Then you can create a calculated member like this in the Issues dimension for aggregating bugs with priority or a specific value of the regression field:

  [Measures].[Issue type]= "Bug"
  ([Measures].[Issue priority] matches ("Blocker|Critical|Major") or
   [Issue].CurrenthierarchyMember.get('Regression')= "Yes"

Kindly, Janis eazyBI support

Worked great, Thanks alot