How to create calculated member for Issue Type based on a field value?

I am new to EazyBI and MDX syntax. I have an issue type ‘Task’ with a field ‘Task Type’ which specifies the type of the task (Eg: Architecture / Technical / Project Management etc).

I would like to create a Calculated member in Issue type so that I can segregate this Issue Type field by different Task types and use that calculated member for various measure.

Calculated Measure name: Architecture Tasks
Sample JQL : IssueType = Task AND ‘Task Type’ = ‘Architecture’

Calculated Measure: Technical Tasks
Sample JQL: IssueType = Task AND ‘Task Type’ = ‘Technical’

Please can you help with the MDX for the above calculated measures.


When you define a new calculated member in a dimension (like Issue Type) we do not recommend using other dimension members (like Task Type) in MDX calculation.

When you are going to define a new calculated measure in Measures, you may use a tuple of a measure and both dimensions Issue Type and Task Type.

For example, to calculate all create issues which are technical tasks, you may use tuple like this:

( [Measures].[Issues created],
[Issue Type].[Task],
[Task Type].[Architecture] )

Zane /

Perfect! Exactly what I want. Thanks Zane.

Hi @zane.baranovska

Can you help when I have a case more complex?

In this example, I have the same situation, but I don’t want a particular status. Look bellow:

( [Measures].[Issues created],
[Issue Type].[Business Case],
[Status]<>[Projeto Criado] -----This line doesn’t work.

Hi @Vanessa_Conceicao_de,

If you want to exclude a particular status, then you may first aggregate all statuses of interest and then refer to aggregated status in the tuple.

1). In Status dimension, define a new calculated member which aggregates all statuses except “Projeto Criado” (

    -- set of all statuses
    -- set of statuses which should be excluded
    { [Status].[Projeto Criado] }

I will name this member “All except Projeto Criado”, so I could refer to it in further calculations.

2). Then define a new calculated measure in Measures using tuple (

([Measures].[Issues created],
[Issue Type].[Business Case],
-- calculated member from previous step 
[Status].[All except Projeto Criado])

Zane /

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