How to create chart Epic

I am trying to create a chart that shows all the closed/resolved issues in an Epic called " Emergent" and all issues that are not in that epic.

I tried to use Filter and Except but think I am doing it incorrectly. Should I be making a calculated measure in the Issues Dimension or Epics dimension?


I imagine the best would be to use a tuple with the Epic Link dimension.

For example, with the following tuple you would get all issues resolved with the Emergent epic link (note that the name of the Project and Epic issue key has to be replaced according to your setup)

  [Measures].[Issues resolved],
  [Epic Link].[Project Name].[PROJ-1 Emergent]

Further, you can subtract from all Issues resolved the number you got from the measure above

NonZero([Measures].[Issues resolved] -
[Measures].[Resolved in Emergent])

Lauma /