How to create Defect Leakage report / chart using easyBI

Hi ,
i am new to easyBI i am trying to generate the defect leakage report / chart using easyBI

please help me on this

Hi @Shyam_Emmadi,

To give you a precise answer, more information is necessary. Usually, defect leakage is defined by dividing the number of defects found by end-users by the number of defects found in QA. How are both of these metrics defined in your environment? Separate issue types, statuses, projects?

An example as a calculated measure with separate issue types could look similar to the one below:

CASE WHEN  ([Issue Type].[Defect],[Measures].[Issues created]) > 0
  ([Issue Type].[Bug],[Measures].[Issues created])
  ([Issue Type].[Defect],[Measures].[Issues created])

Where defects found by end-users are registered as Bugs, but defects found in QA registered as Defects. Please have a look at an example below where you can see the leakage across several Fix Versions:

See the eazyBI documentation for more information on defining calculated measures -

Roberts //