How to create measure based on project type


I want to create an automatic report for specific project type counts per month, but it seems that no current dimension could be used. What I usually do is to create a syntax in wiki space as follows:

projectType = software and category is empty and status changed from Approved to New during (“2022/01/01”,“2022/01/31”)

This syntax could only give me a number but not able to visualize. Could someone help how to add a measure in easyBI?


Hi @Lili!

Project type is not imported in eazyBI by default. For importing Project type property, you would use additional data import with Rest API. E.g., the REST API call JIRA_BASE_URL/rest/api/latest/project on server/DC or would return Project information, including projetTypeKey that you can further add to your Issues cube as follows:

Lauma /

Thank you! That really helps!

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