How to create report for daily Open, closed, backlog tickets

i need to create a report that shows the following data:

  • number of jira issues Open every day
  • number of issues closed every day
  • numer of issues not closed every day.

I have tried to create a report using the following mesures but data are not reliable:

Open: ([Measures].[Transitions to status issues count], [Transition Status].[Ticket Open])
Closed: ([Measures].[Transitions to status issues count],[Transition Status].[Ticket Closed])
Backlog: ([Measures].[Issues history], [Transition Status].[Backlog])

Can you please help me to understand the right mesure to calculate daily issues open and closed and backlog?


Hi Francesco,

Your approach would return the results based on transitions, however the approach seems correct.
I believe you would rather use the default measures “Issues created”, “Issues resolved”, and “Open issues” in your report

Please find description on them in our documentation page:

Martins /