How to customize the total of the columns?

How do I customize the total of columns.
For example, I want the total of the columns to be always “5” even though the sum of all the columns is differnt than 5.
(Rows values: 5,3,2,5,2 => current total=17, but I want it to be: total=5)
Different example: I want to sum up the columns in a weighted average. (column1 value * 20 + column2 value * 80, for example)


[Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.Name <> '$total_aggregate'

overrides only the ROW total and not the column total.


Hi @elyashivg,

If you want to show a specific value on the report columns, define a new calculated measures in Measures and describe the logic (documentation here: Calculated measures). And to highlight the column, use conditional cell formatting (see the documentation for more details here: Conditional cell formatting).

For example, to see the exact value “5”, enter value 5 in the formula editor.
Or describe the logic as a formula if you want a weighted value based on other properties.

Here is an example to illustrate the idea.

In this report, columns represent story points grouped by issue priority. And for the weighted value is created a new calculated measure, “Weighted value for total”, that multiplies story points with 100 for High priority, multiplies with 40 for Medium priority, and adds story points as they are for Low priority.

([Measures].[Story Points created],
[Priority].[High]) * 100
([Measures].[Story Points created],
[Priority].[Medium]) * 40
([Measures].[Story Points created],

To see only one measure, Story Points created, spit by priorities use the option to drill into measure by another dimension. More details here: Create reports

Zane /

Thanks @zane.baranovska it seems to work for me :slight_smile:

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