How to Customize Total Row Count Values


I would like to customize total row count formula only for specific columns.

I have two columns,
Formula looks like this:
total row count of 2nd column(%)=1st column/2nd column

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Hi @Swapna_R

There are ways to approach the Total row separately and change the calculation steps depending on the report rows.
But it would very much depend on the dimension we use in rows.
If you use the “Issue” dimension you could try this approach when creating a new calculated measure.

[Issue] = '$total_aggregate'
[Measures].[Issues resolved]/ [Measures].[Issues created]
[Measures].[Issues created]

Martins / eazyBI team

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Thanks martin,

I tried above suggested formula. It didn’t worked for me.

My report looks like this:
i would like have customized total row formula.

ex: for Requirement Complete column
total row value=Requirement complete/Planned
similarly for Dev Completion column
total row value=Dev Completion/Planned

Is it possible to achieve this?

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Hi @Swapna_R

Could you please share the formula you tried?
Have you used the “HD_Release” dimension members in the code?

Martins / eazyBI

This is the formula I tried but for each total row formula need to be customized as mentioned above.




Note the difference between your report and mine.
If you use “HD_Release” dimension in report rows, you can’t use [Issue] anymore.
You would need to use [HD_Release].CurrentMembername = ‘$total_aggregate’ in the formula.

Martins / eazyBI

I’m sorry to bring up again such an old post but I’m new to eazyBI and I’m trying to follow along. I have a similar need as described by the OP, meaning I need columns to be summed, but one of them should use a custom formula.

Reviewing your answer I see you’re comparing [Issue] to $total_aggregate, but I don’t understand where $total_aggregate comes from. TIA!

If you use “Issue” dimension in report rows, you can use $total_aggregate condition to find the “Total” row on the report.
Total_aggregate is the member that shows “Total” row when this feature is enabled.

Martins / eazyBi