How to define the list for drill into

I can drill into for all of dimensions in the chart, but I would like to enable drill for part of dimensions only, How can I define the list for chart, so that I can enable drill for part of dimensions and disble it for other dimensions?

Please help on this, Thanks

eazyBI shows all the dimensions imported into account as a selection list for the option drill across. We have an idea in our backlog to include a way to minimize a list of drill across dimensions. I added a community vote to it.

Daina /

At least for the whole account, I was able to exclude certain fields, so that a drill across certain fields is not possible.

I did that with the help of the support and I am very happy with this option: it is just an additional line in the JS options of the import settings:

For example I did not want to enable drill across reporter and assignee:
issue.fields.assignee=null; //eliminate assignee
issue.fields.reporter=null; //elimenate reporter

(It is still possible but there then is no data).

Maybe an idea.


Thanks Markusd, but I imported all datas with sql application source, seems like no import option when import with sql…