How to deploy modifications for several cubes


Eazybi is used in our company, data are coming from jira, but we have seperated accounts for each region.
That means, someone from south east is not able to consult data from a project of north east, they access different cubes.
But even if cubes ares separeted, data model, configurations and so on are exactely the same.
Administrating eazybi, I sometimes change configuration, imported fileds etc. so, my question is: is there a solution to change a parameter in severals accounts and cubes (instead of doing it one by one in a lot a accounts) ? or replicate a configuration ?

thanks a lot in advance !
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Currently all accounts in eazyBI are independent. We have some improvement tickets in our backlog to support master accounts. The solution we planed there was related to new account creation based on a template and reports distribution. Option to maintain and support changes in configurations were not considered yet as each account should have some differences still. It could lead to more complexity we are trying to avoid. We would like to keep eazyBI as simple as possible considering inevitably complexity of reporting.

However, I added your ideas to the ticket and we will keep open mind when we will get to it.

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eazyBI supports template accounts with version 6.1.

You can define a new account (or use one existing account as a template account) and define measures with the same name as in child accounts. You would like to create a set of default reports there as well (we share formulas used in template reports only). Then you can add this template account to any existing (legacy) account and any measure (and report) with the same name will be overridden with the formula defined for this measure in the template account.

Template account do not share import opotion changes, though. However, I assume those changes might be less frequent than changes in reports and could be managed like before.

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