How to determine which selections make up the members of AggregatePageMembers?

I have a report that falls apart when have Fix Versions in Pages and I use the multi-select option to choose >1 Fix Version.

In debugging, I see that [Fix Version].CurrentHierarchy.CurrentMember is set to [Fix Version].[AggregatePageMembers] whenever I select more than one Fix Version.

How do I determine which Fix Versions have been selected? Nothing I’ve tried so far is working and I assume this is fairly straightforward to do once you know the trick.

After going around in circles for a bit, I think I’ve figured it out. This appears to work:

ChildrenSet([Fix Version].[AggregatePageMembers])

Here is the final outcome of where I was going if anyone wants it for reference. This returns the earliest Fix Version start date of one or more selected versions (released and/or unreleased). Versions that don’t have a start date specified in JIRA are ignored.

    ChildrenSet([Fix Version].[AggregatePageMembers]),
    Format([Fix Version].CurrentMember.GetDate('Start date'),'Medium Date') <> ''
  [Fix Version].CurrentMember.Get('Start date'),
.Item(0).GetDate('Start date')
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