How to do the same action for to type of issues

Hello, I’m a very begginner in MDX and I’m sorry for that.

I would like to do this :

[Measures].[Sprint Story Points at closing],
[Transition Status].[Story Done]

For issues of type “Story”, it’s working fine, but for issues of type “Feature”, it’s not working because it’s not the same status, it’s “Feature Done

I can’t use [Transition Status.Category].[Done], because, there a lot of other statuses that I don’t want to count.

Do you have an idea ?

I explored a little bit and I tested that

CASE WHEN [Issue Type].CurrentMember.Name = 'Story'
  OR [Issue Type].CurrentMember.Name = 'Task'
  THEN ([Measures].[Sprint Story Points at closing],
  --[Transition Status.Category].[Done]
  [Transition Status].[Story Done])
  [Issue Type].CurrentMember.Name = 'Feature'
  OR [Issue Type].CurrentMember.Name = 'Enabler Feature'
  THEN ([Measures].[Sprint Story Points at closing],[Transition Status].[Feature Done])

But I have the followin error

Formula is not valid:
Internal error: Cannot deduce type of call to function ‘_CaseTest’


If you track the story points for both issue types and use closing statuses exclusively for specific issue types, the following formula should do:

([Measures].[Sprint Story Points at closing],
[Transition Status].[Story Done])+
([Measures].[Sprint Story Points at closing],
[Transition Status].[Feature Done])

This formula is the sum of two tuples. The first part gives results with the stories selected, the second part with the features.

Janis, eazyBI support

Oh thank you, it’s work great.

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