How to duplicate EazyBi instance to UAT/Staging instance (migration procedure)

I need to refresh staging jira + addons (eazybi etc) with the production.
I checked the migration procedure here and wanted to be sure :

  • Staging/UAT addon will only duplicate production data to its own staging db ? It will not remain / stay connected to Prod instance ?
  • No data will be deleted from Prod ?

Thank you.


The important thing to care about when cloning Jira instances is to check if the Staging environment does not point to the same eazyBI database as production instance. This configuration should be different in both environments:

Once this is checked, we do recommend using the database migrator for creating the copy of your eazyBI accounts from production environment. Note, however, that migrator does not allow migrate accounts with the names you already have in your instance, you may need to delete (or rename) them before doing the migration again from your production.

No data will be deleted from the source system when the data migrator is applied.


Hi @janis.plume,
thank you for your reply.
As we did not have much time to do this, we actually did try to follow the data migrator procedure but unfortunately we were unable to connect from staging to prod (almost sure we used the right port/db/user/names etc with the correct port opened …)
So we dumped all eazybi dbs + dbconfig.xml and restored them to staging, then logged into the refreshed eazybi with credentials from the prod dbconfig.xml