How to exclude first row in a Cumulative Sum with a dynamic time filter?

I want a cumulative sum of a custom measure of integer values that I have imported from Jira. This works in principle but the cumulative sum also sums the overall sum of my dynamic time filter - which creates an escalated starting point.

So how does one do a cumulative sum a measure based on a dynamic time filter (e.g. Last 180 days) without including the sum of the sums as the starting point:


Hi @Adam_hollow

You can apply a date filter. Look at his example here: Date filters


Hi @Adam_hollow
You can add your Time dimension in “Pages” to filter the period you want to see. In Rows select which level you want to see from Time dimension (Month, Day or other). And then select eazyBI standard calculation for cumulative sum. In this way the cumulative sum will be calculated based on what is visible in rows.

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