How to exclude issues with a particular label

One of the things I really miss in easyBI reports is that in case of dimensions, while it is possible to use “all labels” or “select multiple labels to include”, we have to define a calculated measure to exclude a specific label or set of labels. wouldn’t it be nice to also have a "not"functionality that one can select for each value in the list for a dimension?

I have many labels and I want to exclude issues with a specific label in my report. I tried to use this reference, but I do not want to use issue dimension in my row, and don’t understand where and how to use calculated measure to exclude a label.
How can I exclude issue by fix version - Questions & Answers - eazyBI Community

Here is a snapshot of what my report looks like, and all i need to do is to exclude a particular label. i can add issue in the rows and filter by not matches label, but I am filtering by issue type, and if i add issue as a row dimension, then it starts showing a weird filtered view of all types of issues as shown in the second image

Hi @gsurekha2001,

​If you want to exclude a specific label and the report user should be able to select the(se) label(s) for exclusion from page filters, you might use the following construction to subtract what is selected from the totals.

--something is selected from Labels dimension
 NOT [Label].currentmember is [Label].DefaultMember
--show the figure relevant to all other context regardless of the label
 ([Measures].[Issues created count],
--subtract the value relevant to the selected label(s)
  [Measures].[Issues created count]
--nothing selected on labels - show the primary value
  [Measures].[Issues created count]

​Oskars /​

Yes, That worked. I was able to create several custom formulas like that.

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