How to exclude specific labels?

Greetings everyone! I am new to the eazyBI community and have encountered an issue while trying to display the correct data in the following report. I have explored various solutions within the community, but unfortunately, none of them have proven effective in my particular case.

My objective is to present the labels along with the number of issues associated with each label. To achieve this, I added a label dimension and defined a new calculated member using the following formula to display labels A, B, C and D in rows:


However, some of these issues also possess additional labels, namely Label Y and Z. For example:

Issue 1 with label A, Y
Issue 2 with label B, Z
Issue 3 with label C
Issue 4 with label D

My goal is to exclude the issues with Label Y and Z from my report. To address this, I created a new calculated measure in the columns. Nevertheless, it is not yielding the desired results:

NonZero( [Measure].[Issue due] -
[Measure].[Issue due count ],
[Label].[Y, Z]

I would greatly appreciate any guidance or assistance with this issue. Thank you in advance!

Hi, @Elle

Welcome to the eazyBI community.

You are right; it won’t work correctly with the multiple-value fields. To exclude the issues with specific labels from the report, please consider creating a new dimension, “My Labels”. This JavaScript dimension will create a string from all the values: Multi values fields include and exclude values - #2 by roberts.cacus

After creating the dimension, you can use it in the Pages, to filter out the issues or use the aggregate in the My Label dimension and then use it in the formulas to get only wanted issues in the report.

You need to decide whether it’s easier to aggregate all the wanted label combinations or better to create the aggregation with exceptions - to exclude certain labels. The formula should look like this:

  [My Labels].[My Labels].Members,
  {[My Labels].[asap],
  [My Labels].[asap, plants]}