How to exclude sub-tasks story points from the story point completed?

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I want to calculate how many points by sprint my teams commited and delivered, but without story points that are evaluate in the sub-tasks.

For example my team commited to 16 points in the parent issue, and splitted those 16 points in the sub-tasks. The total with the classical Sprint Velocity chart in EazyBI will be 32, because it is based on story point commited >0, instead of 16 (sprint report in JIRA excluse subtask’s story point).

So how to exclude sub-tasks story points from the story point completed an commited ?

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Hi @Pierre-Antoine_Laine

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In this case, you could create new calcualted member in “Issue type” dimension that aggregates just the standard issue types.

see some examples on our demo account:

  [Issue type].[Issue type].Members,
  NOT [Issue type].CurrentMember.GetBoolean('Subtask')

Then you could enable this member for your report page filters and use it to exclude sub-tasks from the calculation.

Martins / eazyBI support

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