How to extract a string by follow a value (substring)

Hello good morning i would like to know a way to take all string content after a word in my case the word that i would like to take all content after is the word "Executor: " only showing the name after this and remove the word executor, showing only the word after the "Executor: "

Executor: (Executor = responsible by task)

for exemplo in this issue

Analisar o desenho da solução ------- Executor: Flávio

i would like to show only the word after the executor in this casee


I already tried this measure but show some letters of the word executor:


i too already tried

Val(ExtractString([Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.get('Executor:'),' ',1))

but donsen`t show anyting


The ExtractString function is the right way to go in this case. The second parameter in this function is a regex for extracting string.

The following regex should do that in your case:


If you extract the Executor from the issue summary, the formula is the following


Janis, eazyBI support

Hi, Janis, maybe you can help me? I have the same question. I used your formula but it doesn’t work for me. Maybe i’m not using it right. My way: i open Define new calculated member in dimension Issues, do this Joxi (140 kb) закачан 10 мая 2023 г. Joxi and get this Joxi (66 kb) закачан 10 мая 2023 г. Joxi . And when i select a new member, all rows are gone. Where is my mistake?..