How to extract a string by follow a value (substring)

Hello good morning i would like to know a way to take all string content after a word in my case the word that i would like to take all content after is the word "Executor: " only showing the name after this and remove the word executor, showing only the word after the "Executor: "

Executor: (Executor = responsible by task)

for exemplo in this issue

Analisar o desenho da solução ------- Executor: Flávio

i would like to show only the word after the executor in this casee


I already tried this measure but show some letters of the word executor:


i too already tried

Val(ExtractString([Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.get('Executor:'),' ',1))

but donsen`t show anyting


The ExtractString function is the right way to go in this case. The second parameter in this function is a regex for extracting string.

The following regex should do that in your case:


If you extract the Executor from the issue summary, the formula is the following


Janis, eazyBI support