How to fetch count of different IssueTypes [Defect Rate]

Hi All,

i want to calculate Defect Rate and the formula is as below

** Total no of Defects (Excluding Rejected) / Total Test Cases Executed **

Has anyone tried doing this, would be more helpful.

Also, How to get the count of IssueType = Test OR Bug separately ? Also any way to get them with only intended conditions (like Bug only closed, Tests only Executed (pass/fail))


Hi @prakashghiremath ,

You can use the Defect and Test execution measures to calculate the defect rate. See an example below with measures from the Xray integration:

CASE WHEN [Measures].[Xray Tests executed] > 0
  [Measures].[Xray Tests defect count]
  [Measures].[Xray Tests executed]

The report could look similar to the one below:

See if the test management app you are using has integration with eazyBI - Data from Jira and apps - eazyBI for Jira. From there, you can see the measures imported by the apps eazyBI has integration.

Roberts //