How-to filter a project and return only Epics (prevent Drilldown to Issues & Subtasks)

We are struggeling to filter the page dimension to only present all availabe Epics in the Dropdown-Menu for a selected project.
We would like to still render the linked issue types including data, however only the selection shall be restricted for the user.


Our Jira Structure:
Task (Task linked to Epic)
Sub-Task (linked to Task)
Person (Sub-Task linked to Epic)


  1. Select all Epics in a specific project
  2. Only show Epics (exculding Task, Person, Subtask…) which are in the selected project in the Dropdown-Menu
  3. Display measures from all linked issues (Task, Person, Subtask…)

We are looking forward for your help
Yours, Katrin and Markus

You are using issue dimension Epic hierarchy for the report. eazyBI by default will show you an option to expand any member to the lower level issues of the hierarchy.

If you would like to have a report on directly linked issues (stories) and exclude sub-tasks from the report you can consider using Epic Link dimension instead of Issue dimension epic hierarchy. This will show you epics in the selection only without the option to expand to particular issues on pages. The results in the report will be on issues from the selected epic.

The more drastic approach would be using the data access roles. You can define a role with a limitation to Issue epic hierarchy to epic level as a bottom level to expand. With these access roles, the user will not be able to expand the issue hierarchy Epic to any issues and sub-tasks. The data of those issues will be pulled in the report. The rule will work in any place where you are planning to use this Issue dimension on Rows, Columns, or Pages.

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