How to Filter A Release Customer Dimension

Hallo Dear Eazy-BI-Team,

is there a possible way how to filter Issues depending on " Release Customers"? I want to know how many Issues are created in an specific “Release Customer” without looking on the previous releases. For example:
I work for an big Car-company and i want to visualise in a Dashboard all the Issues that where created for an model series (Release Customer). The point is that only these Issues that are uniq in this model sereies should be shown! It would be perfect if the columns where stacked, so that you have above all Issues that are uniq and down under all Issues that where also a part of previous release Customers.

Big thanks to the eazy BI team.


Hello @Milos

What kind of custom field is that? And please share more details about the way you use it.
Is it a multi-value field where one issue can have multiple release customer values at the same time?
Or is it perhaps a single-select field where one value can be at the time but then you change the value
for issue at some point of time?
Depending on the custom field type, the calculations could be different.

Martins / eazyBI support

Hello Martins Vangas,
thank you for your respond. This is a very important topic for us.
Yes it is a multi-value field where one issue can have multiple release customer values at the same time. You can understand the created Issues as a component of different Release Customer and it is possible that one component apears in more than one Release Customer at the same time. So my wish is to select only these components (Issues) that i have selected in the “Pages” Field for the customer Release and that it only appears in these.

For example:
If i chose the Release Customer as 14 than only these components (Issues) should be shown and not components that apear also in 13.

I hope the Problem is now more understandable.

Thank you for your help!

perhaps, you can change settings to “Release Customer” dimension in advanced settings and use such construction (use actual fieldID instead of FIELDID)

data_type = "string"
dimension = true
multiple_values = false

That would mean there would be more members in the “Release customer” dimension after you reimport the dimension in the cube (first import data without Release Customer field, then use advanced settings, then import back).
Issues that have only one release (let’s say Release 14) would generate a member 14,
Issues that have two releases (let’s say Release 14 and Release 13) would generate a member which is a comma-separated string 14,13.
Then you can filter the report by “14” and get issues that have only Release 14.

Martins / eazyBI team