How to filter between yesterday at specific time and today

I made a report which lists the ticket that are created yesterday and today, but I wanted to filter only the tickets that are created from yesterday at 4pm until today.

I used the following filter: Created date > yesterday at 4pm

However, it still shows all the tickets that were created yesterday regardless of time. See screenshot below:

I have highlighted the tickets that should not be included.

I have also tried the following filters but still, have the same results:
Created date > yesterday at 16:00
Created date > yesterday at 4:00PM
Created date > yesterday at 4:00 PM

Please advice.
Thank you.

Hi @Leo_Cagata,

When filtering rows by some date column, eazyBI can translate only the relative date part.

However, you may create a new calculated measure to filter issues by relative date and time. In the calculation, function DateBetween() can interpret the relative date and time to a valid timestamp.

The expression for calculated measure “Issue created since yesterday 4PM” might look like this:

CASE WHEN --check issue creation date between two relative dates
    [Measures].[Issue created date],
    "yesterday at 4PM", 
THEN --if created recently then return measure
  [Measures].[Issues created]

Set measure formatting to Integer. More details on calculated measures are here: Calculated measures and members - eazyBI.

Now you can use the new calculated measure instead of “Issues created” and filter rows that has value > 0.

Zane /

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Hi Zane,
Thank you very much! This calculated measure worked for me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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