How to filter by category

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I would like to filter my category list , means i ned to display only two in some rport not all , it’s like the except of component but i cant see this feature for category .
Please see screen sho

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Could someone help me please ?


You can “Search and Bookmark” a category and then select only the category you want to display.

Look at this example below:


Hello Fabien

Thank you for your response but
I used the bbokmark and always it display 2 category L3 and Dev Bos , for information i specified only the L3 in bbokmarks.

Please screenshot .


Make sure you select “multiple” and select the ones you want to display in the report. You still need to ensure that you search and bookmark the other category.

You can also aggregate the categories you want to display. Define a new calculated measure aggregate as follows:

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I think @fabian.lim points the right way to go. The bookmarking should work.

First you need to check that you have selected only the bookmarked members in the page filter. The safest way to do that is first to select “All hierarchy level members” and then select the bookmarked:

The aggregated member is also a good alternative for the solution.