How to filter "hours spent" but not Original estimate with Time pages

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I’d like to filter the logged hours (Hours Spent) and the Tempo billed hours measures based on the worklog created time value, but if I use the Time in the pages, then it filters the Original estimate measures as well which I also have to show in my table.
Could you share some tricks, how to filter only the Hours Spent and the Tempo billed hours measurements?

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Hi @Robert,

The measure “Original estimated hours” is tied to the Time dimension the same way the “Hours spent” and “Tempo billed hours” are. The value of the estimate is displayed in the Time dimension period when the issue was created. In most cases, that period can be different from the one the work was logged.

To overcome this, try to reset the Time dimension context for the “Original estimated hours” measure. Try the formula below:

([Measures].[Original estimated hours],

The report then could look similar to the one below:

You can also filter the rows of the report to display only issues that have values for “Hours spent”.

Have a look at our documentation page for more information measures and Time dimension -

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Hi @roberts.cacus,

thanks for the detailed answer, your solution works like a charm! :slight_smile:

The documentation is also helpful, I run trough it and was able to solve other things as well.

Thank you for the great work!

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