How to Filter issues by custom Date filed?

Hi Community,

I am working on “Project Delivery Status” Report , Where user wants to see ,what are the projects delivered and going to deliver in Year 2018 and 2019.

my question is : I want to filter the projects based “Task End Date” Custom field . When we select Particular year from Filter (Placed Time Dimension in Pages). Result should be displayed based on if “Task End Date” is belongs to Year that we selected in Filter.

Please share your ideas , thanks in advance

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Hi Ganesh,

Please try to use the filtering option for the measure by clicking on its columns header and selecting “Filter rows”. Then you can either use the option “matches” and type in the year or select the date range with the option “between”. You can find more information about this on the documentation page.

Kind regards,
Robert / eazyBI support