How to filter max&min value

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to filter in a Table the maximum and minimum values. For example, in this case, I want to filter (delete) the rows where value = 87 and value = 3

I can identify these values in a custom measure but don’t know how to filter them.

I tried to assign them a default value (-1) and then filter them but this doesn’t work.

Any idea?

Hi @fcampoym
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The approach here would be creating a new calculated measure that would let you return integer value all rows but highest and lowest, then filter the report by integer values.
Please export and share the definition of your report as the steps to achieve the goal depend on the report structure (what you use in report rows, what filfters do you have in pages and toolbar).
Or you could reach out to and provide details via contactform.

Martins / eazyBI