How to filter on Date Closed?

I am trying to allow my user to be able to filter on the date range the ticket is closed (for example all tickets closed in September.

Following the instructions on this page: I made a filter based on the date closed, but when I put this report into confluence using the EazyBi Confluence Macro it does not appear on the confluence page.

Is there any other way I can filter on Date Closed and make it easy for my users to select different options?

I like the Time dimension but I don’t know what the filter logic is for the time dimension or how to get it to filter on the issue closed aspect of time.

Hi @jeffb,

Option to Filter rows is useful in some cases if the filter may remain static. However, in your use case, it would be more convenient to set Time dimension on pages and allow users to pic periods for issue resolution.

Each measure might have a different relation to the Time dimension. To get issues that were closed in the selected period, chose measure Issues closed for your report and remove measure Issues created.

More on measure Issues closed read there:

You may also check out 30 min training video on Time dimension and how it works with different measures:

Zane /