How to filter only parent issue status

Hi everyone!

I was trying unsuccessfully to get a list of Epics in “In Progress” status only, and all the issues with all the statuses inside each Epic. Filtering by Status I get both Epics and issues filtered but is not my target.

Ex. of result on rows:

  • Epic in progress 1
    – Task to do 1
    – Task to do 2
    — Sub-task in progress 1
    — Sub-task closed 1
    – Task in progress 1
    – Task closed 1
    – Task closed 2
  • Epic in progress 2
    – Task to do 1
    – etc…

Thank so much for help

Hi Adriano,
Welcome to eazyBI community!

If you need to filter all report data by a standard Jira field value in Epic level issues, then you may want to import link field dimension Epic Status additionaly and use that for filtering instead of the default Status dimension.
Please read step-by-step guid how to do that in our documentation:

Notice, for Epics, you need to use setting issue_id_column:

 name = "Epic Status"
 source_dimension = "Status"
 issue_id_column = "epic_id"
 group = "Linked issue dimensions" 

After importing, use Epic Status dimension in Pages for filtering (instead of Status dimension). Then all stories / sub-tasks, having epic in such status, would be retrieved in the report, regardless of the status of this same story/ sub-task.

Ilze /