How to filter open issues by when a label was first set

Hi all,

im looking for a solution how i can visualize open issues by time filtered by when a specific label has been set.
I tried to use the predefined measure “open issues” and just filter by label. The outcome grouped by time doesnt fit. When i check the issue history, the label has not been set at the time the report shows me.
Any ideas?

Hi @bjoern,

In eazyBI you can import the change history of a single select field. Unfortunately, the label is a multi-selection field in Jira, and therefore change history is not available in eazyBI.
On the eazyBI improvement list, we have idea to support the change history of multi-selection fields, but we are still looking for a convenient solution to support such data.

An alternative solution is to have some scripted custom field in Jira, that captures changes of specific labels and then import that scripted custom field in eazyBI along with the change history of it. There are more details on how to import scripted fields in eazyBI (

Zane /