How to filter Request Types

I have imported the dimension / property „request type“ but i only get 2 members (instead of dozen). Is there another way to filter and rank request types?


eazyBI creates dimension members from the “Issues” you selected for import (when selecting projects) from the import options page.
Make sure that selected projects have issues with the missing “Request type” dimension values.
You could also try full reimport on your account as described here:

Martins / eazyBI support

hello. i am speaking about the request types that have been defined and configured within jira service desk. hence to all created issues belongs a specified request type. but the only custom field that eazybi is offering has only two options (all / none). that means, that this custom field is not that what i am looking for.

Please reach out to with more details and some screenshots for your use-case

Martins / eazyBI team

sorry. right customer field is „customer request types“. now it is working.