How to find Confluence-Pages with eazyBI macros?

Hi to all
Is there a way to find confluence-pages with eazyBi-macros? Or even pages with a specific eazyBI-report ?
Thanks for your help.

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That should be easy: Just enter “macroName: foobar*” in the confluence search box, where “foobar” is the name of the confluence macro you want to search for.

Hi McPringle :upside_down_face:
Thanks, but this is not possible as eazyBI-macros has the macro-name ‘gadget’. That is the same name as some of the confluence standard macros. As i mean to know it’s not possible to search for macro-parameter-declarations.
Therefore this way does not work. Or do I miss something?

Hi Roman,

To effectively find all the pages where macros are used, you can install the free app “CQL search” ( on your Confluence Cloud and use this search query:

macro in ("report-gadget","dashboard-gadget")

This search should give all the pages where eayzBI reports or dashboards are embedded as Jira external gadgets.

Could that be the solution?

Janis, eazyBI support

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Hi Janis
Thanks for your reply. That would be the right solution. But we are on Server-License. Therefore I have to search further. Perhaps we are on Cloud in a few years… :wink:

Hi @Roman_Joss,
Have you tried using macros usage from the Confluence administration section - ?
There you can find all pages that use specific app macros.


Hi @gerda.grantina,
Thanks for your suggestion. Yes, i’ve tried this. But this seams to be the same as with the direct macro-search. EazyBi-Macros are collected under the name ‘Gadgets Plugin’ and not as eazyBI-Macros as other addon-macros. The name ‘Gadgets Plugin’ is also used by all jira-macros.

I think, this could be a realy usful change, if all eazyBI-macros could be found by this search or by the cql-search.

Thanks, Roman

Hi @Roman_Joss,
if you are using macros from “eazyBI Reports and Charts for Confluence” for publishing reports/dashboard in Confluence then it is possible to see them under macros usage.
Here is PrintScreen from my Confluence Server:

Or you are referencing Atlassian default external gadget functionality?

Hi @gerda.grantina
We are using eazyBI Reports and Charts for Jira and therefore using this macros. And these macros are not listet the way you suggested.
Currently on Server-License.

Hi @Roman_Joss,
The app you are referencing - eazyBI Reports and Charts for Jira, doesn’t include any macros for Confluence (for that is the second app needed as it has to be installed on Confluence server separately).
So it looks that you are using the Atlassian default external gadget functionality where we don’t have many options to improve any functionality.

Gerda //

Hi @gerda.grantina,
Thanks for your reply. Now i see, that this app uses the external gadget functionality with no options for you to improve this.
Thanks for your very kind help!
Regards and have a good time!

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