How to find linked issues/ bugs

Hi I have set below seeting in advance seeting field to create custom dimension
name = “Bugs linked to Stories”
outward_link = “Causes dependancies to”
issue_type = “Bug”
multiple_values = true
dimension = true

name = “Stories linked to Bugs”
inward_link = “is depended on”
multiple_values = true
dimension = true

After Import I can see these custom dimension available to use as below

But there are no linked bug displayed to issues, I have even tried linking bug to my story otherway around to make sure inward and outward links are fine, but still no luck, , I have read all articles but can’t find any help in such cases, Can someone please help here?
@roberts.cacus @easybi @janis.plume @gerda.grantina

anyone would be able to helo here please?

Hi @Deepak,

When building a report and testing the relation between two dimensions, make sure to select a predefined measure to establish a relation between both dimensions. In most cases for Jira data, I woudl recommend selecting measure “Issues created” on report columns.

The structure for advanced settings looks all right; however, it might be that link direction (outward/inward) or link names are not correct. In Jira, outward and inward links might look the same for users, but technically those are separated fields in Jira. Please see here how to get the correct link direction and name
Please see this community on how to find the correct link direction (inward or outward) and name:

When you do any changes in advanced settings for custom fields or issue links, you should perform double data import to ensure the correct outcome of changes (

  1. In the import option, deselect the custom field “Releases” from data import and import data. This action will clear the previous data and data structures.
  2. Wait for data import to complete.
  3. In the import option, select the custom field “Releases” for data import and import data for the second time.

Zane /

@zane.baranovska Many many Thank you for your help. Could you also please help here to find list of issues which are not having any link?