How to find stories without sub-task


I would like to add a column(Stories without Sub-task ) in my report. Could you help me with logic.I tried this formula but it dose not work.

  [Issue type].[Story],
  NOT [Issue type].CurrentMember.GetBoolean('Subtask')

Hi @Dipesh_Chouksey

eazyBI does not have any predefined measure that would show how many issues have subtasks, but there is property “Issue sub-task keys” holding a list of subtasks for each issue.
You might want to construct the calcaution using functions Filter() and DescendantsSet() to iterate through individual issues and check them by specific criteria; then Sum() them up if they pass conditions.

The expression to get the count of Stories with sub-tasks might look like this:

  --iterate through individual issues with type Story
    [Measures].[Issue type] = 'Story' AND
    --check if story has any linked subtask
    NOT IsEmpty([Measures].[Issue sub-task keys])
  --sum up stories matching the repost of report context
  ([Measures].[Issues created count],
  [Issue Type].[Story])

Please read the documentation page on calculated measures, how to build them, and what are the main rules for each calculation: Calculated measures.

Zane /

HI, Zane,

I have a similar issue, thought maybe you could help me.
I’m trying to build a report that shows how many issues there were in a sprint without SP at closing, not counting the sub-tasks and spikes. Could you help me define a measure for such a report?

Thanks in advance,