How to find the defect reopened date

Can someone help me in finding a solution for my question

I have defects with open / closed / reopened status. Could someone help me how to get the defect reopened date in EazyBI.?

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When issue change history is imported in eazyBI, then several measures related to status changes are available for reports.

You may define a calculated measure in Measures to get a date when an issue transitioned to a particular status.
For example, to get a date when an issue was Reopened for the first time formula might look like this:

  [Measures].[Transition to status first timestamp],
  [Transition Status].[Reopened]

In given formula update transition status name to match the transition status in your Jira.
And set measure Formatting to ‘mmm dd yyyy’ to represent the date correctly (see picture below).

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Thanks for the response

My Requirement is i want to find the defects which are moved from Done / Closed status to reopen. We are not tracking the status of the issue after reopen.

Example Jira Query
status changed from (“Done”,Closed") to (“Reopened”)

How to get the same via EazyBI.?

Could you please help me how to get that information.

To track transition between particular statuses, like, from Done to Reopened, you may similarly use Transition dimension as Transition Status dimension (see dimension and measure description in documentation).

To get a date and time of the first transition to “Reopened” form statuses “Done” or “Closed” use formula like this:

    {[Transition].[Done => Reopened],
     [Transition].[Closed => Reopened]},
  [Measures].[Transition to status first timestamp]

To get a count of issues which were reopened use measure Transitions to status issues count.

I’ve tried to do sth similar, but without luck.
TimestampToDate( Aggregate( {[Transition].[Backlog => Done], [Transition].[Backlog => Duplicated]}, [Measures].[Transition to status first timestamp] ))
Could you advice me, what should I do?

It doesn’t work for me :frowning:
Anyone can help?