How to get a count of BTRBugs Logged

Hello! I am trying to get a count of BTR bugs logged for a given set of BTRs identified.

I have the following setup:
Pages- Project (specifiedProject), Issue type (BTR), Label (specifiedLabel)

Rows- Issue

[Measures].[Issue BTRBugs] = [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.get(‘BTRBugs’)

This measure prints the Keys for the bugs but I want the count of the bugs (i.e. for each BTR how many bugs were created and linked).

I tried the count() and sum() functions but it keeps telling me the formula is not valid, so I am definitely doing something incorrectly. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Hi, @Chelsea.Hess

Welcom to the eazyBI community.

If you have the Issue dimension selected in the rows, then the easiest way to count the bugs, that are linked to the Issue, is by counting the appearance of the separator - “,”

In your case, the formula should look something like this:

CASE WHEN NOT IsEmpty([Issue].CurrentMember.get('BTRBugs'))
  - Len(Replace([Issue].CurrentMember.get('BTRBugs'), ',', '')) 
  + 1

Please double-check the “BTRBugs” name.

There is a good post by my wonderful colleague @lauma.cirule here: Question: Counting the Number of Linked Issues


This worked perfectly! Thank you so much for your help!