How to get a count of records in a Custom Measure

Hi community,

My report Rows contains 2 Custom Members:
Issuetype = Subtask
Custom field = myCustomValue

The report Pages contains Project and then Sprint so that I can view this report per Sprint per Project.

I have created 1 Custom Measure for my report that sums up the Total Time (from the Time tracking field) for the Subtasks in my report that have this Custom field set to myCustomValue and it uses the statement: [Measures].[Hours spent].

This is working perfectly, but I wanted to add a “Number of instances” Custom Measure as the 2nd column in the report, which counts the number of records returned by the “[Measures].[Hours spent]” measure. Is there a method in eazyBI to count the data set returned by a measure?

[Measures].[Issues created] will work most of the time but if the Subtask is moved into another Sprint, then both measures will have a different context (i.e. the Time value will belong to the previous Sprint, but the “Issue created” count will now belong to the new Sprint).

Any ideas would be most helpful.


Hi @devittnp

You can define a new calculated measure in the Measures dimension and reference the hidden “Issues with Hours spent” measure to count how many Issues are with Hours logged:

[Measures].[Issues with Hours spent]

This measure should count the Issue toward both Sprints where the issue has had hours spent.

Let me know if this works as expected!
Nauris / eazyBI support

Thank you @nauris.malitis for your help. This simple measure resolved the issue for me!