How to get a data dump (detailed list of user stories) of jira

I want a list of all user story and tasks for a sprint. Don’t need summary data.

I’m a newbie trying to understand how to deliver reports from EazyBI

Hi @PAMadDog,

The eazyBI purpose is to analyze data and build reports to gain insight. Of course, you may also create table reports listing all issues and then export those reports to CSV files.

  • The main principles of building an issue list report are described in this report example: Project issues with details.

  • If you are planning on using Sprint as a filter for issues, then add Sprint scope measures to the report to see how each issue is related to Sprint:
    Here is a list of available measures and properties for Sprint analytics: Jira Software custom fields.

  • You can export report results by downloading the report to a CSV file. Or use REST API to export specific report data: Report results export API.

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